Saturday, April 4, 2015


      We went to Hachijo island for 2 days. It takes 50 minutes from Tokyo by airplane.

 八丈島でレンタカーを借りたら、品川ナンバーでした。 ここは東京都です。

Freesia garden. フリージア畑です。

By macro lens.

We can pick up 20 pieces per person  by free charge for only sightseeing people. So we took 40 pieces with my wife.

we arranged them in our house. 妻が生けました。

We went to a botanical garden. At first we went to a green house.

Coral Hibiscus. 風鈴仏桑華です。

Anthurium. アンスリウムです。

Red ginger.

Going out the greenhouse,we walked in this garden.

Strelizia.( Bird of paradise flower.) ストレチアです。

A kind of Gentian. コケリンドウです。

Closing up.

Creeping bugleweed. キランソウです。

Violet. アツバスミレです。

Then we went to a vast expanse of lava seashore.

We found these flowers at the lava seashore.

A kind of spurge. イワタイゲキです。

By macro lens.

Nanbara lava seashore. 南原千畳岩海岸です。

We could see Hachijo kojima island.

Hachijo kojima island.

By B & W photo.

Mt.Hachijo Fuji and Hacijo kojima island.


A cow in this pasture. ふれあい牧場です。

The pasture and Mt.Hachijo Fuji.


We enjoyed this trip very much.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015


                There are many flowers in this sub tropical island even in early spring.

A bloom of a kind of orchid tree. オオバナソシンカです。

A kind of orchid tree.

Flame of the forest. 火炎木です。

Orange blossoms.

Yellow blossoms.

Azalea. ツツジです。

A azalea blossom.

Blossoms of Night Jasmine. 夜香木です。

A golden trumpet bush blossom.アルマンダです。

Throughwort flowers. フジバカマです。

Kidachi benkei by Japanese. キダチベンケイです。

Seiron Benkei by Japanese. セイロンベンケイです。

Sango aburagiri by Japanese.(looks like a coral.)

Hana choji by Japanese. ハナチョウジです。

A blossom of black mangrove. オヒルギの鼻です。

We could find two critters by the mangrove forest.

A fiddler crab. ベニシオマネキです。

A southern Japanese mudskipper. トビハゼです。

A mushroom in a cave.

A mushroom in a cave too.

A fignut palm. トックリヤシです。

An indian laurel. ガジュマルです。

An old house in this island.

Ishigaki means " Stone Fence". Strong winds would blow in this island.

Many houses would make stone fence,so this island is called 
Ishigaki-Jima Island.

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Monday, March 9, 2015


 We went to Ishigakijima island for 4 days. Ishigakijima island is in the same latitude as Honolulu in Hawaii.

Kabira wan bay.

A viewing point at Tamatorizaki.

We got on a boat at Kabira wan bay to see  to see the seabed.

There are many blue coral forests in the bottom of the sea.

Giant calms.

A fish named Minokasago.

We went to a limestone cave in this island.

A stalactite scene.

There are mangrove forests too.

Mangrove trees.

Closing up.

Black mangrove trees.

Hirakubo lighthouse.

The hotel where we stayed.

The view from the room where we stayed.

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