Thursday, April 21, 2016


I would take a walk early morning every day. It would take one and half hours.

This post is the scenery of my walking course.

Otonashi river shinsui park. 音無川親水公園。

There is Asukayama park next to the park.

We can get on this free mono rail car. It takes about only two minutes.

Asukayama park. 飛鳥山公園。

This park is very nice for walking.

Double cherry blossoms are in full bloom now.

I like this sycamore tree very much. 鈴懸の木。

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Friday, April 15, 2016


The spring season is now full swing in Tokyo. There are many blossoms here and there.

A small hill in Tokyo. 箱根山。

Cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms.

Kandagawa river. 神田川。

A memorial park of Koizumi Yakumo.  小泉八雲記念公園。

Kansenen garden. 甘泉園。

We looked many blossoms as follows.

Pseudocydonia sinensis. or Chinese quince tree. 花梨。

A peach blossom. 源平桃。

A flowering crab apple. ハナカイドウ。

Enkianthus. ドウダンツツジ。

Mulberry. 桑。

Christmas holly. 西洋ヒイラギ。

Our goal is a public Spa named Sakura. さくら温泉。

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Thursday, April 7, 2016


Akiyoshidai is the largest karst plateau in Japan. It located at Mi-ne city in Yamaguchi.


This plateau is made by ancient coral reefs. 

Becoming the plateau,it takes about 200 million years.

There are many limestone rocks in this area.

There are about 400 limestone caverns in this area.
Akiyoshido is the largest limestone cavern in our country.

The entrance of Akiyoshido.

I took mono tone photos in this cavern.

The reflection.

We stayed a nice suite when we were in Yamaguchi.

A Japanese room, a bed room and a living room.

With a hot spring bath room.

A heated swimming pool only for us.

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Monday, April 4, 2016


We went to Yamaguchi for 3 days.

Arriving at Kita-Kyusyu airport, we got on a reserved rental car to Yamaguchi prefecture.

Ichinosaka river. 一の坂川。

Rurikoji temple. 瑠璃光寺の五重塔。

Five storied Pagoda.

A garden in Joeiji temple. 常栄寺雪舟庭。

Hagi castle site. 萩城址。

Hagi castle site.

Hagi castle tower site. 萩城、天守閣跡。

Motonosumi Inari shrine. 元の隅稲荷神社。

Higashi ushirobata terraced paddy fields. 東後畑棚田。

Kanmon Channel. 関門海峡。

Sea of Japan by B & W color. 日本海。

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weeping Cherry BLOSSOMS.

Weeping cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Tokyo metropolitan garden named Rikugien.

It takes only 5 minutes from our house to go to this garden by walking.

Magnolia blossoms are in full bloom too.

There are small falls in this garden.

If you see the falls from this house.

You would feel the falls look like a painting.

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We go to a three day trip from tomorrow.