Friday, February 23, 2018

Looking for camellia flowers in Goto islands. 五島列島に椿を訪ねて。

We went to Goto islands for 3 days.

The distance between Tokyo and Goto islands is about one thousand kilos.

Tokyo International Haneda airport.
It was a fine day, we could see Mt.Fuji clearly.

Arriving at Fukue island, we climbed Mt.Onidake.

The view from the top of the mountain. 

There is a castle site in this island. I walked around the site.

There are carp in this moat.

Shiroyama shrine for the former feudal lords.

There are a few reminding Samurai residences near the castle site.

These stone walls reminds me there was the one.

The gate reminds me the same things.

It is said the ageof  this big camellia tree is about 300 years old.

The primitive camellia forest in Hisakajima island.

This kind of camellia named Tamanoura.
The most beautiful flowers among camellia ones in Goto islands.

Very big one.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

The coming of Spring in Tokyo. 春の予感。

These days the cold days are lasting in Tokyo.
But we feel the coming of Spring every where.

A Japanese apricot tree in Hamarikyu park in the central of Tokyo.

Nanohana flowers are in full bloom.

A Japanese apricot flower.

Winter sweets.

Another kinds of winter sweets.

A winter sweet tree.

Shioirinoike pond.

A snow protective lifting tool.

A scene that reminds of winter.

Frost protector.

The explanation.

Many birds in this pond.

Petwit gull.


White wagtail.

I looed window cleaning persons as follows.

Window cleaning by two workers using a gondolla.

It looks very safe.

Window cleaning by one worker only using two life lines.

Just finishing.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

A flower market in Tokyo. 大田花市場。

There is a flower market in Tokyo.

Ohta Flower market.

As visitors, we can enter only the second floor of flower  market free.

A welcome display for visitors.

Many sweet pea flowers at the second floor.

Red flowers.

Dahlia flowers.

Dahlia ones.

We visited here around 11 A.M..
The auction has already ended at the first floor.

These flowers are knocked down, and waited to be sent.

This market is very near to Tokyo Haneda International airport.

There is a vegetable market.

And a fish market too.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Sightseeing days in Taipei. 台北観光の日々

We stayed in Taipei for 6 days.

We went to see the city sights by  taxi at the second day.

Ching kai-Shek memorial park.

Free square at the park.

Xingtiangong. A Taoism temple.

Taipei railroad station.

Inside of the station.

Next day, we went to a nostalgic city named Kau-hun.

We had a heavy rain at the day.

Next day, we went to a Chinese tea house.

A tea set for us.

She explained how to drink a few cups of tea at first.

We went to a geology park at January second.

Mushroom shaped rock.

Queen shaped rock named Cleopatra.

We went to National Palace museum at January third, last day in Taipei.

The main gate.

A boiled cube made by chalcedoney.

A Chinese cabbage made by Jade.

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